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Alexander Keehnen #25 | Gaianet, Growing The Roots Of The New Earth

February 19, 2022

What Are The Solutions That Transition Us Into The Birth Of A New Society. The path of least resistance is also the path of highest joy and value. Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. 

I lived "in the system" until my 28th year, then I quit corporate life and started living on purpose. 37 now, I feel like I gathered more life experience than most 80-year olds. It's been a rollercoaster of intense experience, beautiful projects, people and ideas and most of all: my personal transformation.

My journey is one to experience the full magic of life, make the absolute most out of my time in this life and my entiure life I've been inspired to figure out how life really works. When I understood life is about pure presence, flow in the moment and authentic self-expression, that became my priority.

And I believe we are all coming to a similar realization. That love is all there is and the we are all One. We just need to master our minds, let go of limiting beliefs we learned and learn to connect and relate meaningfully to each other.

I learned to view life as a continuous series of now-moments. My body-mind system is at the centre of every experience and with every choice I make, I choose to step into a certain timeline. I practice experiencing realities deeply with full presence, and realised life becomes an intense (but beautiful) trip that way.

Like everyone, I am simultaneously a student and a master. While I am still studying, reflecting, practicing diligently every day, I also mastered certain skills really worth sharing.

Gaia Net is a network of networks where heart-conscious project leaders, experts and professionals connect to share knowledge, network and resources in co-creation of a harmonious and abundant world.
Alexander Keehnen

Living In The Gift
All of my podcasts are given in the spirit of the Gift Economy. This means you get to receive the value this offers you and then feel into your heart and decide what contribution you can gift from your heart to mine. I trust in the circulation of the unconditional giving chain of reciprocity and live by the motto: The more I give, the more i’ve got to give.

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