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Aurika Valan #9 | Awaken Your Sexuality & Claim Your Space In The World

January 10, 2021

Becoming an intimacy coach wasn't exactly on my "when I grow up I wanna be..." list. Meet my close friend Aurika as we transparently dive into the story of her transformation into celebrating all of her wild nature and supporting and educating women to awaken their sexuality.  "Sexuality is not just about pleasure. Its about our totality. One day I decided to go celibate. For a month. You may be laughing… But the story was not so funny as I was self-pleasuring myself to sleep most nights during the years when I suffered from insomnia – a quick-fix clitoral orgasm would help me fall asleep. During that month I experienced the potency of the sexual energy building up in my lower energy centres and I literally didn’t know what to do with myself—it wasn't even pleasant! I was lucky enough to be surrounded by awakened people who taught me how to circulate this energy by doing breathwork. This is when I truly discovered the power of conscious sexuality – like Columbus "discovering" the South American lands which had been always there… After years of searching for love externally I came back home – to the temple of my body. This sparked a fire in me that has been fuelling my journey ever since. So I began claiming my space in the world by intentionally awakening my sexuality." More from Aurika Valan

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