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Burglar To Buddha #25 | Transforming From The Inside Out

July 3, 2021

The Truth Is Better Than Any Drug. Are You Ready For Radical Honesty? An interview with my publisher and editor Michelle Gordon from Not From This Planet.

At 18 years old Simon Paul Sutton found himself in prison, with nothing but a life of drug dealing and burglary waiting for him on the outside. On his release, Simon vowed to escape. Making the decision to become an actor was the lifeline Simon needed. It led him to theatre school and then to acting in TV and films. During those years he began questioning his existence and asking the big life questions.
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is truth?
And then love showed up and changed everything.

Transparent, honest, intimate and funny, Burglar to Buddha gives you the chance to experience life through the eyes of a boy trapped in a world of drugs, crime and fear, who evolves into a man focused on truth and love.

“It’s common to want to move on from the past experiences, especially the so-called bad ones, close the door, forget about them, and hope they go away with time. I could have done that. But instead, by revisiting my past and experiencing it again through writing about it, I moved through a deep subconscious healing process and experienced a depth of unconditional love for myself and others way beyond words could describe. I got to see myself in ways I had never seen, to connect to the little wounded me that just wanted love but was searching in all the wrong places.” ~ SPS 

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