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Charles Eisenstein #28 | Where Does life Want To Go To Next?

March 5, 2022

The Show, The Lie, The Matrix Is The Creation Of All Of Us. Every Part Of Me Has A Divine Purpose. One Of The Most Serious Warning Signs Of A Society In Deep Crisis Is That People Can’t Laugh Together Anymore.

As I sit with Charles once again I am taken into the rapture of his wisdom as we dive into our free flow dance with words. I really appreciate the humbleness of Charles and the wisdom we share in this conversation. We begin our dance with Charles asking me a question and saying; "I'm done with being the smart guy on the microphone". So where does life want to go? and do any of us actually know the answer to this question?

Topic we danced with:

  • The stigma of leadership 

  • Holding the feminine sacred once more 

  • Where is the Heroines Journey? 

  • What is the Myth of Actualisation? 

  • Where does life want to go to next? 

  • Women want to trust the masculine and not be the masculine
  • Initiation from boy to men 

  • Intense distortions of sexuality growing up
Denial and Distortion of pleasure and sexuality 

  • Sex is for Union
  • The situation of earth is serious 

  • Its really up to us 

  • The show, the lie, the matrix is the creation of all of us
  • Why has fuck become a most aggressive hostile word?
  • Play-fullness  

  • Words have power
  • Every part of me has a divine purpose

Charles Eisenstein is one of the most important voices in the world today. A teacher, speaker, philosopher and author focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. He is the author of Sacred Economics & The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.
ore from Charles eisenstein & his recent writings are on his Substack

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