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Dharmaraj #11 | Tantra Teacher, Sexuality Educator & Holistic Healer

January 24, 2021

Living In Integrity Is The Key Word In My Life. I’m fascinated by holistic healing and the merging of sexuality, science, and spirituality. Many of the healing modalities that I use are a combination of two or even three of the above. I call them Spiritual Technology. And this is really where I find my joy and my expertise. I take my surgical precision and ability to create treatment plans for the patient / client from my Dentistry training, and apply that to my healing sessions. To experience the magic of anothers transformation and healing is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. Dharmaraj is a Tantra Teacher, Sexuality Educator, Holistic Healer and Doctor. As Lead Faculty of Tantra Essence team, he offers trainings internationally in Europe, Asia, and USA, across more than 13 countries worldwide. With a passion for sacred sexual healing through Tantra Massage, he leads the annual Ultimate Mystic Tantra Massage practitioner’s training in Bali, as well as guides sexual healing journeys for clients via individual sessions. Dharmaraj also helps men, women, and couples come into full understanding and expression of their sexual potential through online coaching and private retreats. More from Dharmaraj 

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