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Lets Talk About Sex | Ep #2 with Sanne Samina

March 12, 2022

I Want To Feel One With God. Let Us Be Penetrated By Life.
I Take Full Responsibility For My Pleasure. Freedom Is A Taboo. La Vida Es, Amar-y-ya...

Enjoy this vibrant conversation with Sanne Samina as we sat together in a beautiful Yurt. We covered many topics that hold us back from our sovereign ecstatic nature. Are you ready to write a different script and co-create the greatest blockbuster movie of LOVE we could ever imagine. Its happening. Can we all rise up and live as LOVE?

In this episode of 'Lets Talk About Sex'
✩ Its all foreplay.
✩ Creation is one huge orgasm.
✩ We have to die to life to be truly live.
✩ Weaving meditation with Sex to create love.
✩ Truly loving ourselves.
✩ Self pleasure is not always sexual.
✩ Allowing ourselves to be touched by life.
✩ Self love is the greatest response to all suffering.
✩ God has been hidden in your pants.
✩ Yearning for union, to be taken by god.
✩ Power of menstruation & celebrating our waters.
✩ Sexual suppression.
✩ ISTA International School Of Temple Arts.
✩ Pain-body & feedback loop from hell.
✩ Access our ecstatic creative potential.
✩ Our past stories do not exist.
✩ We are LOVE.

When I asked Sanne for her bio, she replied "Write what you feel".
I feel she would say at the core she is 'just LOVE'. Like all female bodied beings, a soul creator, a vortex of womb wisdom, a priestess midwifing a new civilisation into being. A poet, writer and star of the greatest movie ever produced; LIFE itself. Self authoring, playing and uncovering the shadows and false beliefs that attempt to hold us back from our sovereign ecstatic nature. - Its never an easy task describing the indescribable.

You can catch some of Sanne expressions on her Instagram

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