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Miguel Humblet #30 | The Birth Of A Regenerative Civilisation

August 27, 2022

We Are Nature. We Are Rising Inside A New Culture. Become Less Human. We Are Growing In Trust. There Are Sacred Places We Can Meet To Be With Each Other.

There is a depth of knowing coming from the rising earth intelligence. As we move into receptivity we evoke the conditions to create transformation and realignment of humanity as we listen to the voice of our earth. As we are regenerating we are the soil and we contain all the seeds to birth the new world rising from within us.

Miguel Humblet is an architect, ecologist and regenerator, sacred space holder , co-founder of Gravito Retreat Center. He works with several global alliances on ecosystem regeneration and sacred activism. He has 11 years of experience in holding space, the way of the council, shamanic works, men's groups and hosting retreats. Miguel loves to bridge ecology and consciousness exploration through authenticity, spontaneity, intimacy with Spirit. 

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