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Morgan Allis #16 | Transformation of Trauma & Embracing the Shadows

February 28, 2021

When we have love and truth, that’s where the magic happens. To me, truth is the line back into my soul. It can always bring me home, when I wanted to come back home I needed a place where I could tell the truth. This conversation is so vibrant for me and I love how Morgan transparently shares her life story from drop out party kid, experiencing the shadows in her unique way through to an awakened ambassador of love. I appreciate how she has overcome her traumatic life experiences and transmuted herself and life into being in service to that which is greater than the individual I. 

Morgan Allis, village builder and consciousness architect, painter and beloved of the universe. She approaches life as a hacker, constantly prototyping more authentic ways to live a beautiful heart centered life. She has been working with clients for over eight years, supported over 300 clients in emotional intelligence work, passion and business strategy, personal life planning and is a human design specialist.

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