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Peppi Gauci #23 | What It Means To Lead A Regenerative Lifestyle

May 1, 2021

Regeneration Is Asking; How Do We Look Into Nature And See How Nature Regenerates Life. Nature Is Our Mother, 
The Soil Is Our Soul. There Will Be A Lot Of Noise, Just Trust Your Heart. Peppi is originally from the island of Malta. He is an experienced ecological designer, a certified permaculturist, alternative farmer, teacher, consultant, and also the founder of the Permaculture Research Foundation for Malta. He is the visionary behind the Bahrija Oasis project Malta which was an ambitious permaculture project on a dry, windy, and arid landscape since 18 years ago. His vision & design has bloomed the landscape with carefully designed & naturally occurring biodiversity and attracted many individuals, groups, reporters & documentary filmmakers.

Peppi has also ignited the vision for ZEE and  he is now busy planting the forest, saving seeds, building interesting structures, growing food, teaching, sometimes surfing,  and reaching out to others who form part of  the Zee Community. Zee Barn bio-collective is a holistic project born out of love for living simply in balance with Mother Nature. Zee Barn brings a collection of practices and disciplines that nurture life in its fullness. More from Peppi Gauci 

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