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Peppi Gauci #26 | Regenerative Culture As An Answer To Our Challenges

February 19, 2022

Regenerative Culture As An Answer To Our Individual & Collective Challenges; How Do We Connect To Ourselves, Recharge Our Batteries And Come Back To A Place Of Wholness Once Again.


Please enjoy another epic conversation with my friend and teacher Peppi Gauci. I recently visited his land in Portugal and was able to grab an in flesh conversation inside his new Tipee. I trust this dialogue inspires and educates you in some way. This is always my intention.
Let us slow down and allow nature to regenerate ourselves.


Topics we danced with:

  • Integration & Embodiment

  • Change in economics and our values

  • Real value in life

  • Coming back to wholeness, empowerment, soul and interconnectedness

  • Growing & cultivating roots and slowing down

  • Being as basis of recharging & receiving

  • Connect to yourself in stillness

  • Disconneting from being busy

  • From orchestrator to observer

  • The do-er vs the souvereign be-er

  • Native American way of life

  • Separation through a spiritual identity vs spiritual interconnectedness

  • Maintaining deep happiness & contentment

  • Simplicity & wonder

  • Engaging in Peppi's work

Peppi is an experienced ecological designer, a certified permaculturist, alternative farmer, teacher, consultant, and also the founder of the Permaculture Research Foundation for Malta. He is the visionary behind the Bahrija Oasis project Malta which was an ambitious permaculture project. He has recently ignited the vision for Zee Barn bio-collective, a holistic project born out of love for living simply in balance with Mother Nature. Zee Barn brings a collection of practices and disciplines that nurture life in its fullness. More from Peppi Gauci

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