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Self Love Now with Shelley Sophia Crawford | Ep#1

April 17, 2021

Wholeness Is Our natural State When We Stop Forgetting & Remember. My passion is to serve each person I meet in the greater expression of their passion, purpose & service here on the planet. I love great mountains, rivers, oceans, and secret fresh water springs, I love flowers and trees and consorting with fairies. I prefer high places with good views, but have been found wandering along rivers in distant countries. I follow the Mystery, but have neither studied in a Mystery School, nor am I starting one. I believe there are timeless Pathways to unravel and be made whole again. I believe souls remember each other and that the past can be healed with love, and what that looks and feels like is unique to each person. More from Shelley

During a ‘Sharing Circle’ Simon invited a spontaneous question; “Why is Self Love so important today?”. He was profoundly moved by the answers of those in the circle, so much so that over time that movement continued to birth an idea of a book of diversely selected co-creators expressing their individual answers to the same broad and important universal question. Download and/or order at

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