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Self Love Now with Yasmin DeGiorgio | Ep #2

May 8, 2021

We Cannot Separate Self Love From Our Spirituality. Our Depths Cannot Be Seen And Measured They Have To Be Interpreted, There Is No Map To The Inner World. Self Love Is that journey to know ourselves. We have to be the map makers of our own inner maps and the more we know our own inner map we can really help others by pointing them in the right direction.

"The terms self and love are somewhat contradictory because love is the only force that without fail will cause the self to cease to exist. Love is such a transcendental force that it literally breaks through the boundaries of the self and carries us into connection with all that lies beyond the self. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Of course, giving that love to our own selves first is the prerequisite."

Yasmin is a serial entrepreneur and Yoga & meditation teacher. She takes the wisdom she learns from her yoga practice and applies them to wellness, business and leadership. She is the founder of The Grassy Hopper, a vegetarian and vegan eatery and Theobroma Cacao Collective, healthy vegan desserts and has spent the past two years building her latest project Sanya Eco Spa, which is a wellness Centre designed to help people heal learn and go-within. More from Yasmin and Sanya Malta

SELF LOVE NOW is the title of the book I curated with 54 friends answering the the same question; Why is self love important?

During a ‘Sharing Circle’ Simon invited a spontaneous question; “Why is Self Love so important today?”. He was profoundly moved by the answers of those in the circle, so much so that over time that movement continued to birth an idea of a book of diversely selected co-creators expressing their individual answers to the same broad and important universal question. Download and/or order at

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