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Simon Says Ep #1 | You And I Are It | Free Flow Spoken Word

March 19, 2022

Violence Is A Tragic Expression Of Our Unmet Needs. We Are Sovereign Beings Expressing Our Divinity. Wake Up To The Invisible Prison.

Trying something a little different for you all. I love spontaneous free flow or what I like to call 'sacred freestyle'. Just turning on the microphone and letting what wants to arise to flow freely. Sometimes they rhyme, sometime I rap. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they are crap.

I will be sharing more of these transparent and inspirational spoken word flows for you to enjoy. May they ignite motivation and a reminder of our divine miracolous nature that you and I are. We are already complete and whole. That which we seek is seeking us.
Let us all rise up together as LOVE. All is well in this moment.

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Living In The Gift
All podcasts are given in the spirit of the Gift Economy. This means you get to receive the value this offers you and then feel into your heart and decide what contribution you can gift from your heart to mine. I trust in the circulation of the unconditional giving chain of reciprocity and live by the motto: The more I give, the more i’ve got to give.

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