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Tig Monk #24 | I Dont See Violence, I See Love Asking To Be Seen

May 15, 2021

Is The Violence That I See Really Out There? Or Do I Put It There? As I look into the world, I don’t see people being violent, what I see is love asking to be seen, the truth asking to be seen. Greetings divine beings, thank you for tuning in, I appreciate your presence and would love to read your comments, let me know if these conversations and inquiries are benefiting you. This minisode is from the full conversation which I encourage you to go back and listen to if you havent already.
Tiger speaks to the violence we witness within and across the whole globe. I know it's difficult to face what we don't want to see and feel, but unless we do, it will keep getting louder and louder and more painful too.

"When I look at my own, what might be called violent tendencies, that expression of violence can only happen if I am being violent to myself. What shows up on the outside only shows the inside. If I am unkind or violent to another human being, it’s never about the other human being, its never personal. Its what’s happening on the inside which is a fear of loves loss, which is seeing myself as less than, which is not seeing the truth of what I am, which is violent, being expressed outwardly. 
To see this in myself I recognise that when someone else appears to be violent towards me, its not about me. It’s not personal at all." 

"Being human can be a painful journey of trying to connect with the sincerity of our heart’s desires. At times, the suffering and confusion seems only to lead us further away from what we deeply and sincerely crave. However, within this challenge, of suffering and confusion, is a profound and sacred opportunity. What seems to be against us, is actually, and always, a teacher that points us directly toward the fulfillment of everything we genuinely seek and long to connect with. Life, beyond all of our assumptions and judgments, is actually a landscape that’s designed to support this journey of connection; the question is, are we willing to open our eyes and see it?"  More from Tiger TigMonk Inlight Connect

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