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Tiger Singleton #22 | You Are Not Broken, Nothing’s Missing

April 24, 2021

I Don’t See You As Broken. I Don’t See Anything Wrong With You. I See You Pretending Not To Know What You Are. I see your wholeness. I see that nothing’s missing. In that, the landscape becomes play. "A high school dropout, Tiger spent a few years in what he refers to as “a self-created prison of meth, cocaine, and random homelessness.” During that time, however, Tiger began to notice the root of the problem — blame.

His bio reads that in a time when he was without a home and living in his car, he began to notice how much he was hating/judging other people for his current life condition. Life was showing him something. Life was trying to show him how much it hurt to blame and carry around this weight that felt powerless. That realization left him with a deep and powerful question, “What if they weren’t at fault, what if this was my own doing?”

He married, had children, and left his addictions behind. But attaining a feeling of success escaped him. He weighed almost 300 pounds. He was engulfed by depression and despair. At this low point in his life, he surrendered. And in this surrender, he had the epiphany that his perception of reality was a creation in his mind resulting from comparing himself to others. Moreover, comparison was not necessary because he had a fully-realized self, perfect in its own right. From this point, Tiger began a deep and powerful communication with Source. His understanding of life became so joyful and profound that he couldn’t help sharing it with others. As he shared, other people responded in amazing ways. Tiger Singleton, at one of the lowest points in his life, became the mystic Tigmonk and he didn’t even realise it." 

"Being human can be a painful journey of trying to connect with the sincerity of our heart’s desires. At times, the suffering and confusion seems only to lead us further away from what we deeply and sincerely crave. However, within this challenge, of suffering and confusion, is a profound and sacred opportunity. What seems to be against us, is actually, and always, a teacher that points us directly toward the fulfillment of everything we genuinely seek and long to connect with. Life, beyond all of our assumptions and judgments, is actually a landscape that’s designed to support this journey of connection; the question is, are we willing to open our eyes and see it?"  More from Tiger TigMonk Inlight Connect

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