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We Are Sovereign Beings At The Dawn Of A New Civilisation | Ohad Pele

April 3, 2021

I Am A Sovereign Being Because I Recognise The Divine In Me, In You. I had the pleasure of meeting Pele when attending Ista L1&2 sexual shamanic retreats. During the training I wanted to capture the three facilitators to bring their inspiring visions, wisdom and intentions to you all. This is Pele.

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Sacred Sexuality Is A Living Temple & A Secret Gate To Divine Realms.
“Sexuality is a secret gate to the Divine realms that is still unrecognised by most of humanity. In ancient Temples, sexuality was practiced as a key to open portals into other dimensions, but this knowledge was mostly forgotten. Sacred Sexuality is a living temple, where we can offer our egos on the altar, expand our consciousness, download visions, create magic, heal traumas and surrender deeply to Love itself”.
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